My RA and Lupus Journey

All of my food can now fit on one shelf. These are the foundation for all of my meals. Once you get it down to a science life becomes extremely simply and joyful. My kids have their food on the lower shelves and in Tupperware so that I do not see there food. Every so often I get a sweet tooth so I have to trick myself to pretend like there isn’t anything in the house. As Chef AJ says “if it’s in the house, it’s in your mouth” It’s not about willpower, it’s about your environment.

Ugh, why didn’t anyone tell me how fat I was 2 years ago??!! Ugh omg I didn’t realize until I was looking thru some old pictures and found this. Holy guacamole!!! I should call this the “on steroids/off steroids” I hated that prednisone for my rheumatoid. So grateful to have found Clint Paddison from the Paddison Program to help me change my diet and get off the prednisone! Dr. Lisle is brilliant for helping people with chronic pain. Thanks to Clint Paddison for interviewing him. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

If you have signs of auto-immune disease, please do yourself a favor and watch this. This is what has gotten me out of the walker and crutches:

Paddison Program For Rheumatoid Arthritis | Diet & Natural RA Treatment. Folks, this is my main man! Clint is THE one who has been the reason I’m not using a walker anymore. He is instrumental to healing my RA and Lupus. If you know of anyone who suffers from Rheumatoid, give them the gift of the Paddison Program!

Book – How Not To Die by Dr Greger — Don’t Switch Off The Light

I finally read this book and I recommend it as a must read for everyone. It is very liberating to make our own decisions on nutrition when we are given the facts. It explains the role of diet in preventing, arresting and reversing our top 15 killers. His results are based on medical based science […]

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My guru……..

Can’t get enough of Dr. McDougall! So much to learn from him. He’s one of my inspirations for getting my own health back!

Dr. McDougall is a huge advocate of plant-based eating. He is brash and does not hesitate to challenge the medical establishment. I can’t help but like him. He discusses how to cure type 2 diabetes without pills. He has a number of different programs and they sound quite good. The costs vary depending on the […]

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Another McDougall success story!

I am always looking for ways to improve my health and my autoimmune disorder flares and inflammation. Recently I found Dr. McDougall and the Starch Solution. I made the video below because I had so many great things to say about the changes that have been happening to me in the last three weeks, a blog post wouldn’t do it justice.

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So proud of the weight loss warrior!!!!

Today I am celebrating 2 months of great weight loss success eating a plant-based diet. I’ve lost 25 pounds, have toned muscles, and feel healthier than ever. On January 5, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It took me several weeks to understand why I have diabetes and to find my way to my […]

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Picnic in the park

It was such a lovely sunny day yesterday that we decided to have a picnic in the park. Me and the kids spent all morning baking some yummy and healthy vegan treats. They really love baking! It’s usually messy and slightly stressful for me, but also fun. We made blueberry muffins from Keep It Vegan […]

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3 Secrets to Having a Better Morning — TIME

A morning ritual sure sounds nice (if it didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this) but what’s the point of one? What’s it even supposed to accomplish? No, you don’t have to eat kale or mechanistically begin planning your day according to some odd formula. You’re human. The first thing you need to do is get…

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Are you CHOOSING to be grateful? Arthur C. Brooks.

For me, people come into our lives to teach us something. I always see the blessings in those lessons.  They are most certainly worth learning from.

When it’s over, I don’t forget all of the wonderful times, the romance, the intense love and passion.  I will hold those memeories in my heart forever.  Obviously…..they’re lovely!
The important thing is that it’s okay to let people come and go throughout our lives.
It’s exactly how it’s supposed to be…..We are all exactly where we are supposed to be.

21-Days on The Myers Way Elimination Diet!


photoI’ve made it through 21 days on my elimination diet! Starting on February 1st, I started the The Myers Way 21-day cleanse. For the month of February I eliminated a variety of high-allergen foods from my diet, resetting my body in order to assess how I react to certain foods. That means starting today I can slowly start reintroducing these foods back into my diet.

While I’m excited about the idea of eating some chocolate and maybe a slice of bread (or two, or three…) a part of me just wants to stick with the diet I’ve been on for the past 21 days. I feel incredible. I haven’t had coffee in over a month (I weaned myself off of that early, in preparation), and I don’t feel like I need it.

I have more energy in the morning, and I’m sure I annoy my sister as I…

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Two New Sisters

The Costa Rica Project

As we begin to separate the Costa Rica Project and ARDI into 2 individual, yet sister, projects, rather than feeling a split in energy, we are sensing the igniting of our team work even more.  Ever greater number of people are hearing about our work and getting involved.  We are moving out with more focus and greater momentum.  Our bonds are becoming more secure as we feel the partnership, shoulder-to-shoulder. We are responding to a High Call and we feel the importance of the work we are doing together.

We have a lot to learn from each other.  As Responsible Detoxification Specialists in Association, we have a message to bring: One of encouragement and help to each other and another to offer our beloved and the world.

The more we band together in Association, establish our focus, and pool our energies, the stronger becomes our community and collective voice.  Our…

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Guinevere Gets Sober…..wonderful blog a must read!

This lady is an inspiration! Please read her blog, you will find her to be courageous! You’ll see……enjoy.  She is beautiful too!  I wish my mother could read it.  Growing up the daughter of a mother addicted to prescription pain pills is an emotional roller coaster. I’m not alone however! There are waaaay more of you out there than I knew!

Such fun at the Fiori Club

A wonderful group of people!! It’s something my father and I enjoy attending every month.  We always leave with our cheeks hurting from laughing so much!

Fiore May2015

Most of Berkshire’s success grew from stupidity and failure that we learned from. I hope that makes you feel better about your own life. -Charlie Munger

Using alkaline minerals will protect the muscles and the bones…..not to mention all diseases!  Printable list of which foods to avoid.  You’re wasting your time taking calcium supplements. Decrease the acid in your body and change your life!

Travel far enough and you meet yourself. David Mitchell

imageNewport Beach, CA

Parents: you know your kids right? When I say “parents” I’m thinking of so many wonderful people! I could name you all, but then I just realized that my girls and I are blessed with many lovely parents in our lives and this would become an extremely long post!! 🙂 Anyway, I know my girls. It’s just us. The three of us 👉 we are a team obviously, (as all parents are with their adorables), but when you travel by car oh man can we talk?

You learn more so much more about your kids when you are cooped up together for days and days.

Guess what? Great news! #blessed #grateful #gotlucky! What did I do to deserve this?! We just got home and I’m reflecting on the last couple of days….

In general, we can all agree that this is a tricky generation (iGeneration – I that better than Generation Z). 👿 Kelsey reminds me daily of how annoying I am #helicoptermom. So, I am still learning…..Trying to let them experience things such as failure, loss, break-ups, mistakes, not being the center of the universe and understanding that they’re part of a “whole” and not “special”. I know that it’s more complicated today and we have learned to coddle our kids for VERY good reasons. I get it for sure and am grateful for the positive changes. But lets face it parents, we need to chill out on the (every kid gets a trophy just for showing up stuff) and let them discover that true inner peace comes from learning selflessness. “The sweetest joys of life, then, come only with the recognition that they certainly are not special.” David McCullough. Have you read his article in the The Swellesley Report? It’s fabulous!
So, as we ALL recalibrate, I hope that our children’s lives’ will be more heartfelt and fulfilling as we coach them to become compassionate and giving above all else.

On a very personal note, (and the reason for this message) what mine go through every day to help me is pretty darn worthy of mentioning. I can say that now! In the beginning, I was angry and hid everything from them. I didn’t want them to see their mom in pain or struggling. I wanted to offer this image of absolute stability, strength and having all the answers. Super Mom!!! Ugh!…….Divorce does that to parents. I was wrong……again. #lovemyfate.

I didn’t want to stress them out because 90% of my physical issues are emotionally generated, (I am not accusing anyone with my same diagnoses that they caused it themselves, because we are all very different) and it’s not fair to put that on any child. My emotional stress; however, turned physical and then the physical REALLY got scary and compromised. Thats when I finally gave in and asked for help from my own innocent and beautiful children. Yes, it’s humiliating, but when you reach rock bottom, you finally realize that what doesn’t kill you gives you character and out of that comes the phoenix rising: our family bond and their sense of selflessness.

Only then, does one begin to realize that we as parents just might be doing something good by teaching them about caring for each others. Maybe it will become a part of their developing characters and help them make better choices as they mature into adults. Out of so much pain and hardship – a silver lining.

I allowed myself to finally trust that what they are going through now (to assist me) will benefit them in the future. Children are beautiful and a blessing. I simply can’t shout it out loud enough! We as parents all want to make sure that their souls are cared for and protected, understood, and loved. Isn’t that what life is all about? Sticking together as a family or reaching out to others (if you don’t have one) and building your own? Just simply not always putting yourself in the center of the universe?

I’m just so proud of my adorables! I didn’t think I would be able to travel with them anymore so I was reluctant, but they pulled me along and we made it together. They are sensitive to my needs and hopefully to others (I know they will be). They give me hope that they will radiate more fabulous people into their lives that are just like them. “Like attracts like” and their energy is beautiful. I am proud of the effects of their positive vibrations going out to the universe. We are all connected!! They helped me every step of the way AND (bonus!!) we ended up having a wonderful time!!!

“The smile is the window to the spirit” Dr. Curatola

Get rid of your toothpaste and stop with the fluoride at the dentist office……you don’t need it!!! I love this dentist

You have to think about promoting balance,” Dr. Curatola reminds us. “We’ve looked at organic gardening and the environment around us and even eating organic foods. I’d like everyone to think about doing ‘organic gardening’ in the mouth. The way you do that is through a strong, healthy, and balanced nutritional protocol. I call it triple-A nutrition – alkalizing, antioxidant-rich, and anti-inflammatory. People should know what nutritional factors are inflammatory. There are inflammatory triggers, whether it’s gluten, dairy, and a number of others. They can vary for different individuals.”