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Let us take care of the details, allowing you the utmost enjoyment in renting our your home:
10 top reasons to use #702Vacationrentals:

1) Our ability to match high caliber clients  with the perfect house results in frequent return clients. These are the kind of people who fall in love with your home and love taking very good care of it!  The security deposit is CASH upfront so there is no need to worry if something happens to (God Forbid) break. Everything is via wire to prevent chargebacks.

2) We put our expertise to work for you with professional photography, advertising, marketing, and recommendations on how to maximize your home’s rental productivity.

3) Quality assurance staff, conduct thorough pre and post-visit cleanings and inspections.

4) All guests have backround checks and all pictures of ID’s etc are on file.

5) In addition to the marketing, homeowners may take advantage of our professional interior design and construction project management services. We are always happy to arrange for one of our trusted contractors or tradesmen to attend to repairs or improvements you wish to make.

6) We have high standards for the  estates we accept into our 702 family. First and foremost, they must be beautiful, special, inviting, and clean.   Views of the city are what are in demand right now and/or anything on Lake Sahara.  They are asking for something with a boat so they can cocktail after dinner every night watching the sunset.

7) Your personal belongings get locked up in the garage or closets (your preference).  The renters are instructed not to open doors/drawers at your discretion.

8) More people are turning to renting to avoid foreclosure, help finance college, or even pay for an amazing honeymoon or vacation. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 27% of vacation home buyers plan to rent out the property.

9) At the same time, renters are choosing to rent personal homes over hotel rooms to save money and have a completely different type of travel experience. Renters can feel like they are part of a local community or have their entire extended family under one roof.

10) When listing with our company you can purchase an optional Property Damage Protection.  Please call us to learn more about our services, and see if your home is a match for our program.


Travel far enough and you meet yourself. David Mitchell

imageNewport Beach, CA

Parents: you know your kids right? When I say “parents” I’m thinking of so many wonderful people! I could name you all, but then I just realized that my girls and I are blessed with many lovely parents in our lives and this would become an extremely long post!! 🙂 Anyway, I know my girls. It’s just us. The three of us 👉 we are a team obviously, (as all parents are with their adorables), but when you travel by car oh man can we talk?

You learn more so much more about your kids when you are cooped up together for days and days.

Guess what? Great news! #blessed #grateful #gotlucky! What did I do to deserve this?! We just got home and I’m reflecting on the last couple of days….

In general, we can all agree that this is a tricky generation (iGeneration – I that better than Generation Z). 👿 Kelsey reminds me daily of how annoying I am #helicoptermom. So, I am still learning…..Trying to let them experience things such as failure, loss, break-ups, mistakes, not being the center of the universe and understanding that they’re part of a “whole” and not “special”. I know that it’s more complicated today and we have learned to coddle our kids for VERY good reasons. I get it for sure and am grateful for the positive changes. But lets face it parents, we need to chill out on the (every kid gets a trophy just for showing up stuff) and let them discover that true inner peace comes from learning selflessness. “The sweetest joys of life, then, come only with the recognition that they certainly are not special.” David McCullough. Have you read his article in the The Swellesley Report? It’s fabulous! http://theswellesleyreport.com/2012/06/wellesley-high-grads-told-youre-not-special/
So, as we ALL recalibrate, I hope that our children’s lives’ will be more heartfelt and fulfilling as we coach them to become compassionate and giving above all else.

On a very personal note, (and the reason for this message) what mine go through every day to help me is pretty darn worthy of mentioning. I can say that now! In the beginning, I was angry and hid everything from them. I didn’t want them to see their mom in pain or struggling. I wanted to offer this image of absolute stability, strength and having all the answers. Super Mom!!! Ugh!…….Divorce does that to parents. I was wrong……again. #lovemyfate.

I didn’t want to stress them out because 90% of my physical issues are emotionally generated, (I am not accusing anyone with my same diagnoses that they caused it themselves, because we are all very different) and it’s not fair to put that on any child. My emotional stress; however, turned physical and then the physical REALLY got scary and compromised. Thats when I finally gave in and asked for help from my own innocent and beautiful children. Yes, it’s humiliating, but when you reach rock bottom, you finally realize that what doesn’t kill you gives you character and out of that comes the phoenix rising: our family bond and their sense of selflessness.

Only then, does one begin to realize that we as parents just might be doing something good by teaching them about caring for each others. Maybe it will become a part of their developing characters and help them make better choices as they mature into adults. Out of so much pain and hardship – a silver lining.

I allowed myself to finally trust that what they are going through now (to assist me) will benefit them in the future. Children are beautiful and a blessing. I simply can’t shout it out loud enough! We as parents all want to make sure that their souls are cared for and protected, understood, and loved. Isn’t that what life is all about? Sticking together as a family or reaching out to others (if you don’t have one) and building your own? Just simply not always putting yourself in the center of the universe?

I’m just so proud of my adorables! I didn’t think I would be able to travel with them anymore so I was reluctant, but they pulled me along and we made it together. They are sensitive to my needs and hopefully to others (I know they will be). They give me hope that they will radiate more fabulous people into their lives that are just like them. “Like attracts like” and their energy is beautiful. I am proud of the effects of their positive vibrations going out to the universe. We are all connected!! They helped me every step of the way AND (bonus!!) we ended up having a wonderful time!!!