My letter to dearest Steve Rossi

Dear darling Steve,

I am writing this to you after your passing only 5 days ago. God may have needed you now, but you know what? My father does too…..very much.

You met way back in the 70’s when you would grace the Las Vegas Hilton with your handsome presence. That’s where Dad worked. Strutting thru the casino like the big deal you were, Dad, the well known, casino host to the stars, granted your every wish. It didn’t take long for you both to become “brothers from another mother.”

You were truly a “people person”, passionate, and genuine. When you told my father you loved him, you meant it.

Well, today (personally) I am feeling especially empty and numb after finally beginning to get over the shock and confusion of your extremely quick exit. If, I myself am beginning to feel the depth of the holes where you used to be, imagine what Dad is going through.

Dad asked me, with sad eyes, as he was walking out, “When I arrive to church this morning, what do I do when I no longer have to save a seat for him? I told him that, “he is still right there, close you eyes and you will feel him – with you ….things will get better, Dad.”

Not satisfied, he then asked, “Who do I do lunch with today? He’ll be hungry and Karma will want him to bring food home to her. I responded, “you won’t be lonely, he is still with you, but you will also have to make a new friend and ask Karma to come along too. Things will get better dad”.

He continued with “What about dinner? I have to eat all alone 4 or 5 nights a week now”? I said, “no, he is still with you, things will get better dad.”

With a smile on his face, my father was thinking of all of the fabulous shows, events, birthday parties, benefits, appearances you both attended together. You would run into friends wherever you went (they treated you like royalty, because that’s how you treated them); thus, you introduced Dad and I to your friends over the years and now we call them our friends too. Life with you was always exciting, and celebratory. Just then Dad said to me with a bit of an angry tone, “who I am going to go out with now?” I told him, “Stevie is still with you and you have many other friends to chose from. No, they are not your “Rossi” I understand that Dad. I know the feeling that your heart is like a vault. We both have to remember that it’s okay to let people in again. Don’t worry, Dad…………..things will get better”

Remembering just this past Easter, heartbroken Dad spoke out loud saying, “wasn’t that the most beautiful Easter ever? What a wonderful day it was with my daughter, grandchildren and Karma and Steve…..didn’t you love Rossi’s outfit that day? What a stitch he is!” I reminded him that you are still here and there will be more holidays. He will make new memories….things will get better.

He said that he never minded worrying about your health and when you wanted to see your beloved doctor, he was happy to drive you. All three of you were great friends. Now he said, “I was happier worrying more about him than me” I comforted him saying, “father, take care of yourself…………..WE all need you very much. Things will get better.”

So you see, honey, Dad feels a deep, hurting, pain in his heart………..his very, broken heart. He misses you terribly and is at a loss for what to do next.

People are now insisting that he attend your funeral. You know Dad. 🙂 He is not interested in anyone’s else’s personal agendas. All that matters is the strong, happy, relationship you both had together thru the years. The familial, bond you shared for each other is absolutely enough. Only you know the love in your heart for Dad and visa versa and that’s all that REALLY matters. Besides, in your eyes (and his entire family and close circle of friends) he is one of the brightest STARS in YOUR heart anyway. He doesn’t need to rub shoulders with anyone to prove that.

That’s why he loved you Steve. You accepted him for exactly who he is. There was nothing that you would change about him.

You and I used to talk for hours about Dad. He was our favorite subject!! 🙂 You honored him for being the most wonderful father to seven kids and the greatest grandfather to 17 more. He talks about each and everyone one of them back in Michigan and Minnesota as if they were right down the street. You adored how he keeps up with all of them daily, never missing a birthday, a graduation or an anniversary. He’s on top of all of it. Through the good, bad and everything in between, you remained is true friend.

Dad asked me one more question. He said “how will I find another cool cat like Rossi? I said, “you never will, but you will get better dad. It’s ok to be……happy again in the future. It’s ok to discover another friend.
For now, let time heal. And remember to give time……. “Time”….

Dad loves you so much Steve. May your soul rest in peace. And may his soul be at peace here on earth.

Bravo for your time here!!! 👏👏👏👏 Goodbye for now. Encore…………? 💕


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